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Who I am and what I do, and how with love and the Blessings of the Goddess I can help you!
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Psychic White Lily

I am a  third-generation hereditary which, I work in the light only and for the good of all.

I love the sea and all its connections, and because of this connection of water I find that I am naturally talented where work that involves love spells or healing  and empowermentis concerned..

I live a somewhat solitary life in the north-east of Scotland on the beautiful Black Isle.

I live with three cats who are called Moonlight, Midnight  and Sunshine.

The work that I do for you will be ongoing for as long as I feel it is necessary.

I will keep in touch with you as often as I can by e-mail, because I cannot keep in touch by phone or I would never have any time to work as my phone would be ringing all day and all night!

If you contact me at the weekends then it may be the beginning of the week before I contact you back, because the weekends is where I do much of the preparation for my work, and also the collecting of the various ingredients that I need both from the seashore, and from the woods around my cottage.

 Spells are never 100% guaranteed, we do our best in faith and in love and if it is in any waypossible I will bring success to you!

With love and brightest blessings!

The White Lilies of Ishtar

Psychic white lilyLily, Who I am & what I do!

I was the founder member of the ''White Lilies of Ishtar' Goddess of Light. Babylonian Mother-Goddess. 

 A small select group that was founded years ago to bring together like minded people who are passionate about Wicca, their psychic abilities and development, and who wish to use their gifts to enhance their psychic tarotC reading abilities....and who are  followers of the 'Ancient Paths'. I am an adept at Tarot and the mantic arts and use the sacred Tarot in all my readings.

I am now part of the SILVERMOON organisation  and work exclusively with them closely and exclusively with them and with Crystal Green. Our work is now the path of the 'hedge' or solo witch.

Lily at Silvermoon Our main reason for creating this site isLove readings from Lily. because we have realised that we need to be a little more accessible to our clients and prospective clients, in that they know more about me, Crystal and Silvermoon, as sadly many websites offering spells and psychic services are simply run by Webmasters who see them as an opportunity to make money out of people who are in difficult situations. 

Even many of the sites that warn you about 'rip-offs' are them selves fake and are designed to 'hook you in! We have never done this and in fact have worked free for many of our clients in the past (and continue to do so!) so, although I am not accessible by phone, (I used to be, and have been swamped by calls 24/7 in the past!) I will always answer your e-mails or your letters if that is how you prefer to connect with me.  One of the reasons that I discourage phone contact is that if I were to allow this, I have so many ongoing clients that I would never have time enough in the day to cast any spells at all!  But also I believe that I too need & deserve some privacy!

Compared to many, our prices are reasonable, we charge for the ingredients that we use, and for the time involved, which also covers all the supporting emails that Crystal & I send to our clients sometimes on a daily basis. This year I am working closer with Crystal as we are totally in tune in the work that we do! And as she no longer undertakes 1-2-1 readings we have more time to spend developing this important work together.

My home. I have recently moved from Scotland to the West coast of Ireland which is my Spiritual Home. A magical and somewhat mysterious place. I live with  three cats,  I have a large garden in which I grow many of the herbs and magical flowers that I use in my spell-workings.  Part of it is a very enclosed and secret place and my 'sacred space' in which I often do my spell-work in the better weather and of course meditate.

I love the sea!  and need to always be within sight of it! I spend many happy hours searching the beach for spell ingredients (for love & Empowerment spells) as items found here represent the most profound element of water and deep emotions. If I am lucky enough to find a discarded 'mermaids purse' (the egg sac of one of the larger fishes) it is invaluable in spells to help child birth or fertility!  I spend much of my time searching for these precious and natural ingredients for my work as I hardly use 'bought' ingredients at all, believing that the time spent searching for these 'Gifts from Nature' is in effect part of the spell.

 So you see that I  walk my talk, and the work that I do for my clients is very important to me...this is why I 'give' so much in the way of feedback and support as well as just the spell-work that we do for you!

I know that it is difficult these days to be able to 'trust' someone like me who offers services on the internet...but this is why this website was built initially for us, to let you understand a little more about the people that Crystal and I are, and what our ethics are.

If we take on your work, because we honestly believe that it has a good chance of working, then we will honestly do our best for you and to support you for as long as you need us! If you are in doubt about our ability to help you...please email me Lily and let me know your situation. I will get back to you as soon as I can (within 3 days) with an answer without any further obligation on your part. Please be aware that we also may refuse the work if after a 'divination' we believe that there is little chance of a spell working in your case, or if I feel that there may not be the element of 'trust' or compatibility between us which is essential for any magical workings.

Love Spells We put a lot of time and energy into all our Spells for you, (whether free or paid) and offer feedback, re-casts and reinforcements all at no extra cost. I will never encourage you to take on more work than you wish initially, and you will never feel uncomfortable with us working on your behalf I promise you!

Unlike many 'so called witches' on the web at the moment, we will not make you feel that you have to accept more and more work from us...and of course pay more and more money! (Many people on the web are charging outrageous amounts for simple spells...that they cannot guarantee no matter what they say!) We will often refuse work if we feel that it is inappropriate...and...we often work free spells! You should be aware that many people offering spells on the internet are NOT witches...and if they bother to cast a spell for you at all and may do more harm than good through ignorance!

Protection. One of the first things that we do before making a start on your casting is to create a grounding and protection for you, which will surround you with white healing energy. As we work a great deal with Angel Energies this also provides you with Angel Protection. You are totally safe and protected with our spells, and nothing bad can ‘return’ to bother you as we d not use dark or black magic and we work at all times ‘Within the light of Angels’.

Please be aware that sometimes it is simply not possible to  alter a situation...because what is happening at the moment is part of the 'bigger picture' for you. We will however, if we take on your work, give it the best possible chance of working. Sometimes it is simply a mater of 'right timing' All Spells now include at least 3 castings

Please also be aware that if someone offers you an unethical spell (like breaking up a stable marriage) this is Black, not White Magic! and may re-bound on you in an unexpected way! Spell work once undertaken is not usually refundable as the work will have been done, and we will have put a deal of effort into it! If in doubt please email me before ordering  We reserve the right to refuse an order without explanation.

Unethical practices.

Please beware of people who offer you a range of spells according to strength...for example:- A mild love spell (this is usually quite a reasonable price) A medium love spell (here the price has often doubled!) or A strong 'gold plated guaranteed to work whatever happens' spell (price? astronomical!!!) Will it work? no more or less than any other spell! And which are you going to choose? well of course you will go for your best chance of success, wouldn't we all? Its human nature after all! This sort of thing is simply to take more of your money. a spell is a spell is a spell!!!

We have also learned recently that there are 'spell ring websites' (not UK based) on the internet who are ruthlessly taking huge amounts of dollars for work that they simply do not do! They also seem to have forums that appear genuine but are not, and all aimed at taking you in. It is believed that many are run by the same person/s. Apparently one site will claim that another site is fraudulent, and will then offer to do 'genuine work' to put things right...apparently both sites belong to and are run by the same person, but are very convincing! It is never a good idea to pay for spells over the net except through a reputable payment system, or by cheque/postal order only if you have a full postal address! (avoid PO boxes) If you are asked to use any other method and there is no recognizable address it may well be a con!

If we undertake to work for you, we will give it 100% our best shot! what ever you pay us!  The prices of our spells are determined by three factors...The time it takes me (Lily) to collect the ingredients, and the time it takes for me & Crystal to cast them...the cost of ingredients that I may have to buy, and the time we both spend supporting you with sometimes daily emails and advice during the course of the spell-work!

With Bright Blessings!

Lily & Crystal