What is Wicca?
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Psychic white lilyWicca is essentially the lore of the wise, (whether woman or man)


 although more usually woman in olden times. The old woman who lived on the outskirts of the village and who had perhaps a stronger connection with nature than most, who did most of the ceremonies, laying out, birthing and so on.


 Usually she was able to see the future (Clairvoyant) and perhaps also was a Spirit Medium.

Good with herbs and potions, in fact taking the place of the National Health, Psychiatrist and Midwife all in one!

 This tradition is almost identical to the Shaman, and many other disciplines in other cultures, just the name that is is different. (many paths lead to the core)


Witchcraft or Wicca is an earth religion. A re-connecting with the forces of nature, revering the “Old Gods and Goddesses” or their energy forms. The pre-Christian deities of Europe and beyond

Principally revered is the Triple Faced Goddess, who is also the Goddess of the Earth, and her escort the horned God. (Green Man, Jack of the woods)


The names that we call our Gods and Goddess differ from place to place and from culture to culture. In Egypt she was Isis, in Ireland Brigit. It doesn't matter how we name them for they are all the same person, the same female Earth Energy.

In many circles the actual name of the God/Goddess is thought to be too sacred to speak aloud, and they are referred to as 


"The Lord and The Lady” What this does in fact is to honour both the male and female earth energy.

Wicca (and Shamanism) differs from many other religions in that they honour all other religions and their deities. You will very rarely find a pagan of any sort pushing their own religion down you throat! We have to find the way ourselves

Wicca teaches that there are many paths to the divine, and by celebrating Nature and the 'all there is!'.


Wicca believes that there is much to be gained and learned by studying the past, myth, song and ancient rituals of past civilizations, to try to guard the earth and all her citizens.

One of the things that separate Wicca from all other major religions is that there are no set rules, or set rituals, each person or group has its own way of working and celebrating, and each is as unique and powerful as any other!



The Solo Witch. (Often called the Hedge Witch)

This is usually a very traditional path, going back in fact to the old village “wise woman” and has a lot in common with the Shaman and Druid. In fact these days it is common to be both Witch and Shaman, and to use the best of both!

What does the Solo or “Hedge Witch” do? Keeps the seasons, reveres the world of natures, communes with all animal life, trees, water, uses ritual to carry spells, divines the future, teaches people to love each other and respect the planet. And practices “harmlessness”


Yes we have power, some of us frighteningly so! But the mark of a good witch is that she only uses it for good! And then sparingly! The results can sometimes be very far-reaching and alarming! The very best way to use magic is not to use it! The mark of a successful witch or Shaman is to “Lead from behind” by daily living the life that you believe in, YOU BECOME THAT LIFE! And others will come to you to learn.

The Coven Witch.

Many witches prefer to belong to a coven, although this can present difficulties as:-

YEAR AND A DAY APPRENTICESHIP (no good and serious coven will take you in on other terms than this!)

SPACE IN GOOD EXISTING COVENS (lack of, they tend to be like family groups and rarely take in strangers!)

LOCATION (often none in your area)


Good covens usually have very strict traditions, rituals and clothes (or not)

And work for the good of the planet, people in need, healing and so on.


Wicca has only one creed, “DO AS THOU WILT be the whole of the law AN IT HARM NONE” which has been misinterpreted to mean "do as you like"! which it  most certainly does not mean.

"Do as you will" means in this context "do as your higher self leads you to do, for the good of all"




Witches of either sort are very moral people, and well know that what they put out will eventually return to them to the power of three,

 Some people think that to be a witch gives you permission to do as you wish without counting the cost or others, nothing could be further from the truth!


Most witches, especially hedge witches are animal lovers and can communicate on some level with animals. This is not always so for Coven witches, but then in the “burning times” it was the solo witches (old harmless woman) who were persecuted, often simply because of the connection with their animals who were perceived as ‘familiars’


It is believed that many of us who were persecuted in the “Burning times” have returned as witches again and again since then, to continue our work for mankind and for our beautiful Mother Earth.

"Blessed Be!"