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Sometimes a spell needs an extra push to take it that bit further towards success...sometimes a spell can be slow to get going....sometimes, you my dear clients are impatient for things to work quickly...and so I have created a booster spell to help these situations.... below..

Psychic white lilyBooster Spell This spell booster is designed for spells that are not appearing to be making much difference so far. (some spell work can take up to six months to begin...this is not usually the case but can happen!) Booster 2 will enhance the spell-work with new and more powerful ingredients, and will need three separate rituals to complete it. This booster spell will work with most love related spells, Reconciliation Spells, empowerment spells, work, money and lifestyle spells. removal of negativity spells Protection Spells and Curse Removals...(if in doubt please ask Lily!)


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