How my Spells Work...
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Love spells from Lily.Psychic white lilyFor most of the spells that we undertake on your behalf, we will ask you to take part in a brief candle ceremony at the same time as we are actually performing the spell casting.

The most likely thing I am going to ask you to do, is to prepare a little beforehand by having ready a small candle for a fairly straightforward spell for example love, money and good luck. 

If the spell is for Love  I may then ask you to also have some small flowers ready at the time, and a small dish of salt... I will then ask that at the time and I am beginning to cast a spell you sit quietly on your own in a safe and quiet space, close your eyes allow yourself to relax.... and then bring the subject of the spell to your mind, if it is a person then I will ask you to perhaps draw that person toward you in your mind and tell them how you feel about them and how you would like things to be.

If the spell is for Money then I will ask you to have a few low value coins to put around the candle whilst you are visualizing the amount of money that you need. (these coins will need to be donated to charity or put in a poor box and not spent afterwards!)

If the spell is more complicated.... for example 'binding spell' then I may ask you to obtain a tall candle in the appropriate colour, and a ribbon to bind around it (which is usually white) so that it can be used over and over again....then perhaps once a week I will ask you to sit with the lit candle for a few moments visualizing what it is that you need in your life, and when you have finished and blown out the candle, I will ask you to again wrap it in the ribbon to bind it also until the next time you need it. In some circumstances I may also ask you to inscribe letters on the candle with a pin.

For a Curse Removal, negativity removal spell or Empowerment spell, your part will take a little longer and is a little more precise.  I will most probably ask you again to obtain a candle in whichever colour I feel appropriate to the spell, and to spend a little more time relaxing and then focusing on way you think the problem is coming from.  I will then ask you  (and explain how) to create a block between yourself and any person/persons/situation that is contributing to your problem, and then I will show you how to surround yourself with healing white energy in a ' crystal dome' to protect yourself at all times.  This is another spell that may need reinforcing weekly over the one months duration of the spell.

These are very simple rituals  and will take no more than 20 minutes for the most complicated spell casting, but they can make a terrific difference to the spell and the long-term success of the spell. And although I can perform the spell without your help, if you are really passionate enough to ask me to perform as spell for you, and to pay me for doing so, then you really need to be prepared if at all humanly possible, to play your part to ensure its success!

If however you are unable to perform a short ritual at the time that I am casting the spell, I am perfectly willing to work alone for you.

I am always ready and willing to reinforce the spell if it appears to be slow or unsuccessful initially, so in effect the spell is often spread over two months eventually to give it every chance to work to your best advantage. Maximum castings or re-castings is 3.

Please note:- There is no way and that anyone, (myself included,)  using white magic can guarantee 100% that a spell will work! this is the reason that I usually I offer to do a free divination on the situation before actually agreeing to undertake the spell work.  This way I can give you a percentage of what success there is likely to be, and of course sometimes I will learn very clearly and very quickly that the spell is not appropriate and so should not be attempted. 

I will never undertake work where it is harming another, as in splitting up an existing relationship because a third party wishes to have one of the partners for them self... (this may actually work for a short time but will very soon disintegrate into chaos!) If this is the case I will tell you so quite clearly that I will not be accepting your work.  By doing this I am ensuring that there is no bad or negative 'karma' attached to my workings for either you or me! Some things are simply not meant to be, and it is not advisable to attempt to change the Karma of another person. I will know if this is the case and will tell you so very clearly!

People may tell you on the web that they can 100% guarantee their work but if this is so, then they are not working using white magic but using  black magic or chaos magic  This in fact is the clearest indication of a 'scam' site that you can get! Dark magic is a very chancy business and not one that I am ever tempted to undertake because of the uncertainty of the results. Sometimes the price is ultimately too high and too disastrous for all concerned!

White magic  performed by a competent white witch who is working ' within the light' and 'within the laws of Wicca' is safe! The energies that we use are natural and in in accordance with the laws of nature also, and our aim is to allow the natural flow of energy is to be part and parcel of the spell.  Nevertheless done with the right atmosphere, the right ingredients....the right intention, working white magic within the light can be incredibly powerful, joyful and long lasting.

A note of caution.... Sometimes spells work in a different way and on a different level to that which we may expect. We are dealing with energies that 'flow' and a well cast spell will always work in the easiest and most efficient way possible. (energy flows like water and will find the surest way between two points!) So the spell will bring to you that which is considered best for you by the Laws of Karma. but you can be sure that the result will be positive for you personally,  as spells cast 'in the light' can never bring a negative result!