Drawing down the Moon


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Psychic white lilyDRAWING DOWN THE MOON

This is a wonderful and magical ritual to the Moon Goddess, our Mother Goddess.  And is simple and veryPsychic readings with Lily effective.

Chose a clear moonlit night, if you are a stickler for tradition you will choose the most appropriate phase of the Moon for whatever working you want to accomplish… but generally speaking, under a full Moon on a clear and cloudless night is as good as any time for this little ritual.

 You will need

A chalice or cup or container of some sort (the more beautiful the better!) made of anything that pleases you, wood, silver, metal or glass


Pure water (preferably spring water or you could choose still bottled water)

The MoonA crystal wand (or whatever sort of wand you would like to use. Personally I have a beautiful wooden one that is in fact a piece of driftwood that I picked off the beach, this works perfectly well as does anything that you wish to use as a wand, but to be perfectly honest in this ritual there is no substitute for a crystal wand because of  the close connection with clear quartz crystal and the Moon, The wand I use was especially made for me of Clear Russian Quartz)


Take your ingredients out to a quiet spot, make a Sacred Circle around you and then, and stand for a few moments with your hands in the Egyptian prayer position (arms held out at right angles to your body each side, and then curved upwards making your body into a chalice) Connect with the Moon Goddess and ask for her blessings on your endeavours.


Then with great ceremony purpose and intention, pour the water into the chalice and hold a chalice in your left hand.  With your right-hand hold the wand pointing it towards the Moon, and you can add any sort of little invocation you like here to make for yourself for example

“ Mother Goddess, charge this water that it may be filled with your goodness and love”

You can do make up something to say for yourself here as this is a very personal thing, and what I use you may not wish to use.


Then touch the tip of the wand that was nearest to the Moon just into the water and feel the energy of the Moon travelling down its length to make this into charged or sacred water.


You may say a little prayer of thanks when you have finished, and always remember to on unwind your circle allowing the energy to return to earth. (see creating a circle)


This water can be made use of in ceremonies and should be stoppered up close in a bottle and kept somewhere private and sacred for further use.


I have used charge water from the Moon goddess in spells that require a change of attitude, and also to add to herbal remedies that have a magical content.


"May our Mother Moon shine on as always, in peace and tranquillity."

 Blessed be!



For more information email me at silvermoon@btconnect.com