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Psychic white lilyOver the past ten years I have been undertaking 'spell commissions' via the web. I have been very successful. During this time I have realized that many of you are also interested in how my spells are constructed and performed.
As far as I am concerned, there is far more to spell casting than simply someone placing an order with us, and us casting the spell remotely for them. This is only a small part of what I do, I support you and keep in contact during the life of the work, and often for months afterwards. If you scroll down this page you will find loads more information about what to expect from me and my work!


Let me give you an example dear reader, of my work… I suppose the spells that I must be asked to cast more than any other are love spells, after all love is the thing that occupies a lot of our time and our lives, and love is never easy. Love makes its own rules and sometimes, love can be very, very painful!


Usually when a client comes to me  to perform a love spell of some sort, itPsychic Blu is because they have tried everything else and really are at their lowest ebb, and so it is not always simply the love spell that they need, but also someone to speak to about why they need a love spell, what has gone wrong in their love life and perhaps even to talk about love generally (from my point of view as well as theirs).  Sometimes they even need a little bit of love counselling to help them on their way! Both Crystal and I see this as very much part of what you are paying us for, and we will offer you all the support and back up that you may need at this difficult time! A very comprehensive service!
However there will be times when we are unable to answer your email at once...we do have to spend time in gathering ingredients (sometimes harvesting them) and actually casting the spells, so you may not receive an immediate reply to all your emails. we do try to answer within 4 days, but sometimes this is impossible! In that case you will receive a reply from Tony my assistant who will suggest when it is best to email me.
Let me tell you now typically how things may go for you if you order a spell from us, whether it be love, empowerment, money or for anything else.

Psychic LilyIf you have contacted firstly by e-mail, then
I might ask you more about the situation generally, and perhaps with as many details as you can give me, will help me do an initial divination for you. This divination will initially be free, and if you decide after this against having a spell cast, (or perhaps I have decided for you that I do not feel the spell would be appropriate), then you owe us nothing!
Some of you may feel that this is a somewhat cavalier attitude, but there are so many people on the web at the moment, who are taking money and doing absolutely nothing for it (and then often asking for more!) We have made it our policy not to accept work, unless we think there is at least a good 50/50 or more percent chance of our work being successful.

I will have confirmed to you by this time     
that no spell work can be guaranteed!  And you will read this many times on our sites, especially love spells which can be affected by the Karma of one, or up to five people connected to the love situation. And this is why we usually like to do a divination first, because I can usually sense if there is something here that is unalterable or something that I should not perhaps be interfering with… if I sense this I will of course tell you and decline the order.
Love is a difficult subject at the best of times, and when using Magic to secure it, one needs to be absolutely certain of keeping within karmic boundaries. People also expect love spells to work at once, but this is hardly ever the case and you may need to be patient!
So lets say that you have asked us for a love spell, and we have now taken on the work for you, having decided that there is a good chance of your love spell being successful. We may now in certain situations choose the time and date when you can hopefully be free to perform a short candle love ritual if I need you to do so, at the time that we are actually casting the love spell. And if you live in a different time zone, then it is nice to ensure that we are still working at the same time thereabouts, but this is not essential, Magic does not follow any timeline in particular!
And so your love spell will be cast!

We will give it a week or so approximately to settle down,
and then we will be in touch again reviewing what is happening so far, i.e. will be getting the feel of how the spell is working for you and adjusting things accordingly. Typically a love spell will extend to one lunar month, but in some circumstances we are always happy to extend it to three with extra castings and divinations when we consider them to be necessary. With the Megaspells this is of course much longer!
From then on until we feel that the love spell has been completed, we will be in touch with you when necessary! And will always answer your e-mails as soon as we can…. bearing in mind that I'm never available at the weekends, because this is the time when I actually cast my spells (I am always amazed by people offering this service on the web who seem to be available any day of the week and at any time, it leaves me wondering when they actually have time to cast a circle, and work the spells for their clients!!?) However if I (Lily) am not available, either Tony our assistant, or Crystal will answer you. If you are really concerned you may ring Crystal on 01542-839221 but we ask you NOT to abuse this facility, Crystal is also very busy.

Our assistant Tony will always get back to you
and tell you when I am going to be available, and in an emergency I will do my very best to get back to you immediately!. You see here at Silvermoon we have come to realise, that it is simply not good enough to just undertake the work. People who are looking for love spell work particularly, are usually in a very fragile state, and need backup from us. We will answer all your e-mails, and our support for you will be ongoing throughout the length of the spell, often extending to three months or more. And, no matter how long this service lasts, we will never ask you to pay more money connected to that particular spell or spells, no matter how many times we email you or how much support we give you. However I shall also make it quite clear to you when I feel my responsibility in the work is finished and then it may simply be a matter of waiting for the spell to work out...again you must be prepared to be patient...although some spells work very quickly, others do not.
We realised from the feedback
and I constantly get FEEDBACK, that this is really appreciated above all! And I believe that here at Silvermoon we are unique in this way of interacting with our clients.
So this is a little bit of information about how we work for those of you who are new to our sites. we, Crystal and I undertake our work in a professional and serious manner, and we put 110% energy into the spells that we do for our clients here at Silvermoon! for more useful information about how we work and what to expect, see our FAQ page on this site.

The rest is for you to decide!

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I completely value your privacy. I never pass on your information to other companies or a third party!


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Blessed be!