In the Matrix  
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Psychic white lilyIN THE MATRIX!


There is a theory that anything we as humans can ‘imagine’ or can dream of, at any point in our evolution, is possible!

 And if we think back to the past, many of the inventions and the developments and explorations that years ago were thought to be magical, or supernatural or both have in fact now become everyday things.

Look at electricity!  Not so many years ago it was seen as terrifying and magical!  And today we take it for granted and possibly could not live without it.  And who could have foreseen where computers would take us?

 If we look at many of the science-fiction films of the early days of the cinematograph we now find that in one form or another they have actually come to pass.  The ultimate, the pinnacle of our dreams of exploration for many years was to put a man on the Moon, and now even that is old hat!

Those of you who, like myself were fascinated by the original concept of the film 'Matrix', will have been fascinated and perhaps horrified by the thought that artificial intelligence could perhaps one day take the upper hand.

What is even more fascinating about this film and about the concept, is the idea that when in ‘The Matrix’ it is possible to create your life as you wish it to be. And I have to tell you that I believe this is based on a universal truth!

Those who are familiar with the film will remember when Neo jumped off the building, and crashed into the tarmac road, but only because that's what he expected to do!  Once that he knew that he could land safely… he did land safely!  As Morphius said to him “ don't think you can do it… know you can do it”

 There is a theory, and it's been around for many years, that, as we are made of the same energy as everything else in our universe, the same matter, we can alter cause and effect by drawing what we need to us.  If we are made of the same energy as everything else, then that energy can be shaped and moulded and joined and made into whatever we wish.

 I firmly believe this truth, often known as “ the law of manifestation.” I believe that as spiritual beings there is virtually nothing that we cannot do if we “ know that we can do it” and herein is contained the basic problem. The way that we are precondition we almost always look for the most negative path, and this is why we fail. As in “ The Matrix” I believe we have the capability to bring order to our personal world and shape it as we would have it!  The only thing that stops us is our lack of faith and belief in our powers! This in effect is a 'spell' in its most basic of forms.

I have known people in the past who were most certainly able to alter cause and effect.

One man in particular, a small rather ordinary little man who was a powerhouse of positivity!  He simply decided what he wanted and then waited for it to come to him, totally knowing that it would do so, simply because he wanted it!  And of course it did much to everyone's astonishment!  It was not his ‘wanting it’ that brought the thing to him.  It was his KNOWING that it would come, that brought it to him.  He would give no quarter… accept no doubt!  His favourite saying was “ if you don't like it… change it!”  And it worked for him every time!

Believe me, we are all capable of this!  We spend so much time worrying about the future and beating ourselves up about the past, and not nearly enough time being totally and wholly immersed in the present, and resonating with its unique energy!

I believe that in time to come (if we survive our self-destructive practices and the planet will allow us to remain here) we will begin to fully use the power of our mind to create what we need.

We have spent many generations relying on external forces, ever since the dawn of the industrial age, we have put our faith in machinery, and through all these stages up to the present date we give away more of our power and rely less upon ourselves.

Once we can begin to take responsibility for ourselves again, once we can begin to 'manifest' what we need with the sheer power of our inestimable will!  The tide will begin to turn......


Like Neo… once in the Matrix….. we can achieve anything!!!!