Magical Ingredients For your Spells & Potions!

Spells from LilyPsychic white lily

All truly powerful spells are made more powerful by the ingredients that are used for the spell-casting. Please note that these ingredients are NOT for consumption but for use during the spell casting ceremony only!

There is no definite way of doing this and, most witches will use what comes to hand or what they feel intuitively is right for the job in hand. flowers of course play a large part in ingredients for spells as all flowers have their own sympathies and connections to our emotions and things that we wish to bring into our life (or ban from our life)

A few obvious ones.....

Lily love spellsRoses are, and always have been connected with love, Rose represents the heart center and an open and fully blown rose in the appropriate colour (dark pink or blood red) can be used to represent the heart in matters of the heart and love spells.  You don't need the whole Rose, a few central petals will do just as well.

Rosemarie the herb connects with remembrance, and so if you were trying through a love spell to reconnect someone to their loved one it would be also a useful ingredient to have within spell.herbs for spellwork

Rue is a bitter herb! and would only be used where you were trying to break off contact with someone who was hassling you or stalking you orPsychic readings from Lily alternatively to split up from someone who would not take no for an answer.

Parsley is a good ingredient where there are health or anger issues arising from the blood.

Fresh Bay Leaves add strength to any spell, especially those where extra 'power' is needed.

spellsClematis is a climbing plant, and useful for career work someone who is trying to get on or get to the top of their profession.  Ivy has been used for this in the past, but I find it to be too heavy and too clingy for the purpose.

psychic readingsThyme it is what I would call a fixer, it fixes the time and the longevity of whatever it is you're trying to accomplish in the spell, so if you're trying to cast a spell to make someone commit to you, then thyme is a good ingredient.

Clover (or any of  the trefoils) is good for bringing families together and reconciliation's. For protection from psychic forces I would use the leaves or bark (discarded!) of either the Elder tree or Mountain Ash (Rowan) but you must be careful to 'thank the tree' before taking!

All of the Currants  (including a flowering currant), are excellent herbs to use in a spell for fertility or to ease birth and labour pains.

Mock orange ( Philadelphus)  is excellent so for putting an end to something or bringing things to a conclusion that is happy and satisfactory.

psychicHawthorn leaves are strengthening and encouraging ...particularly good for bringing two people together who are in an emotional dispute.

For empowerment, generally speaking I would use either lilac or viburnum... or even may blossom.

                    Bluebell leaves or flowers are good in spring for renewal of energy!

psychic love spellsThere are many more flowers and herbs and trees with similar uses such as, oak leaves for longevity and stability. Willow leaves and flowers to help cure emotional issues and to strengthen the heart. Rowan leaves to keep a way disagreements and disagreeable people and cherry leaves and stones for inner beauty and to prevent ageing!

  Other useful and personal magical ingredients...

 For strength and protection wolfs hair (has to be fairly fresh from a live wolf) spell for strengthyou can use hair from a particularly strong dog but this is not half as effective as wolfs hair... you could also in an emergency use wolfsbane the plant

For the ability to see through difficult situations, and to deal with psychic catsomeone who is very cunning I would use cat's whiskers or cats nail castings ( they do not need to be fresh and of course only use them when the cat has discarded them, in my household this means not hovering the carpets until I have checked to see if any of my cats have left little 'whiskery gifts' for me on the floor!)

Also for protection and stability, old iron nails or iron filings.

Hair or nail clippings from the person to be protected (must be freshly cut) note here!  Please be careful who you give hair or nail clippings to, as they can also be used for power over another.

From the sea & sky....

psychic shell spellShells and stones from a fast running river or sea estuary for clarity of thought and emotional stability.  White smooth sea-washed stones for Empowerment.  Sea washed glass fragments for emotional clarity.

 psychic feathersFeathers for energy and cleansing...

If you find a sea washed stone with a hole in the centre, this is a real treasure and will help your 'divinations, often called a 'witches stone'.

Sea washed drift wood wands are very useful in 'Love' spells and should be stored outside where they benefit from the elements!

Mermaids purses are very useful in birth or fertility spells.  Dried seaweed for health related spell work.

spells lilyHerb seeds are also useful...Mustard seeds for money spells...cloves for emotional warmth...nutmeg for second sight...apple for health...tomato for love. .all these 'gifts of nature' can be added to our spells and bring their own unique elements! You should also use a good pinch of 'Intuition'! that is all your own!....and there are many many more possibilities...but a witches secrets can not be told...unless she is passing them on to her student....and then not all of them! you must discover your own!

Now you can see how it is perfectly possible to create your own spell with ingredients that you have either created or found....  add to this a beautiful candle, and a little rhyme that you have created yourself.

Constructed  with love, focus and intention and for the good of all... and you have your spell!


With Bright Blessings! and Happy Spell Making!