Ishtar Mother Goddess
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 'The Light-bringer'


Ishtar  (also known as Inanna,) was the Sumarian Queen of heaven and the mother, who had born the world and still remained a virgin. she was not dependant on a male consort, she reigned absolute on her own and united in her all the aspects of femininity.

She was often known as  a war goddess, and was ferocious in her anger. she was the also the Goddess of justice and healing.


Bigger than the mountains am I,


The Empress of the gods am I


The Queen of heaven am I


The earth's mistress am I.

(translation of an old Babylonian text) 


As well as being renowned for her powers of creation,

and prophesy, Ishtar was also regarded as a healer. and her statues and likenesses were regarded as having healing powers also.


Her numbers are 15 and 6.

Her sacred animal is Lion.

Her sacred stone is Lapis Lazuli.

Her main title "She Who Begets All".