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Magical spell oil from LilyMagical Spell-Oil from Lily £12.00
Many of the spells that Lily makes and sells to her clients require that they also take a small part in the castings. Lily has now created an essential and powerful spell-oil that will help carry the spell forward,

Lily has developed a form of boosting the spell with her own essential oil mixture, blended with Pure Almond Oil. This 'Spell-Oil' can be used either with an ongoing spell, or by itself as a 'good luck' magical tool to ensure LOVE * WORK * MONEY * SUCCESS * HAPPINESS * GENERAL GOOD LUCK or YOUR OWN SPECIAL MIX.

These little bottles of essential oil mix are carefully made and consecrated on Lily’s altar in her sanctuary. Essential oil is a wonderful carrier for spells!

The process, making them and turning them into strong talismanic spells is set over 12 lunar months, so each little bottle of oil is very powerful in its own right! Spell oils from Lily at Silvermoon


Made from a mixture of pure almond oil and pure essential oils, these oils are the ‘carrier’ of the spell-work, and by using a little of the oil when needed either on the person or on a tissue kept in the pocket, or as some people do on a tiny piece of cotton wool in a locket...The spell as always with you!

  Sleeping with the bottle under your pillow also helps.


  If you need a spell oil bottle different to the list above, please say why on your order form and it will be created specially for you from all the mixtures that Lily has available. Don't miss this opportunity!  Because these oils are consecrated over a 12 month period they will of course eventually run out… Please take advantage of them while lily still has them for you, they will not be repeated.

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Magical Spell Oil £12.00
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