The Power of Three

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The Power of Three Psychic readings

Numbers are powerful, and we use them a great deal when creating  spells and invocations.

Traditionally when spells were being worked, we used rhyme as well as Numbers to embellish them.  This is not altogether necessary, but it does help the effectiveness of the spell, and to many of us, who are traditional or hereditary Wiccans it seems to be a way of working that is part of the fabric of our being.


Magic cauldronAny work that we do, we tend to do in multiples of three.  This is because three is the number of 'growth and progress' bookand will carry our intentions  far quicker than a single invocation.


You may have heard it said that if we send out negative thoughts to anyone, then it's possible for that thought to return to us three-fold, that what we put out, we get back to the power of three.  This is actually known in Wicca as ‘ the law of three’ or 'the law of return.'Witches hat


When we cast a magical circle for working  in safety, it is a good thing to actually go around the circle three times, reiterating what it is that you wish that circle to be for.


When we send out a healing spell to someone, it is good to repeat it three times particularly the person's name, this puts a ‘ seal’ on a healing spell and it is more likely to succeed.


Magic broomSo three is a very important number both in spell-work and in many other areas of our life.  In numerology it denotes the extending of the balance of two into the growth of three.  And often in the tarot, the three of cups denotes a relationship that has extended to a third person (birth) therefore the three of cups is often known as a birth card.


Do not forget the power of Numbers in your spells, although three probably is the  most important number, there are many others that you should take notice of, for example seven, which is the number of Magic!


If you are just beginning to work with spells, I suggest that you find a good book Law of threeon numerology, and take this into your spell work too, and perhaps also a book on the tarot and its ancient and archaic symbolism.  This way you will be bringing many more powerful energies into your work.


And always remember…. whatever you put out, be it for good or ill, you will surely get back three-fold!.  Never forget the law of returns…. the power of the 'law of three!'

Blessed Be!