Practising Divination
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Psychic white lilyPractising Divination

Psychic divination

 If you wish to develop your psychic skills, there really is no need to go to the expense of a beautiful crystal ball, or expensive tarot cards, almost anything can be used as a divination tool. one of the easiest ways to have a go at a divination is to simply to use a much loved book or dictionary. (In olden days people often used the Bible, but some people might find this idea offensive.)


Sit quietly in a chair, as usual with the phone un-hooked, when and where you know that you're not likely to be disturbed.

Having chosen your book, and make it a pretty thick one with plenty of material to go at!  (In fact the dictionary is probably the best idea other than a large encyclopaedia.)

Place the book on your knee or on a table in front of you.


Now going to you relaxed state, focus a little while on your breathing, and then think about the question that you wish to ask for the future.  As in dousing make sure that the question very clear!


Once you feel that you have the whole atmosphere surrounding the question firmly in your mind, gently open your eyes and open the book at any random page, and without especially looking at the book, place your finger on the page.


Look very carefully now that the word or words that you've pointed to, and see what their relevance is to the question that you asked.

This may not work for you straight away, sometimes it takes a little practice and a little more relaxation and thought before it will actually work for you, but what you're doing is beginning to put yourself into the atmosphere of psychic working, and working through a slightly altered state of consciousness.


Dowsing with the pendulum


Another good way to begin!

first of all make yourself, or find yourself a pendulum, you can spend a great deal of money on a beautiful silver or gold or crystal pendulum which will all work just as well as a large button on a piece of cotton!  So please remember it doesn't have to be expensive for it to work well.


My own idea about pendulums is, that they tend to work better for you if you are very attuned to the particular material that you were using, for example if you are very attuned to wood, then I wooden pendulum will work best for you, if your preference is for crystal, then use a crystal pendulum of some sort, whether it be clear crystal quartz, rose quartz amethyst, or something slightly more unusual like lapis lazuli….. As a general rule where crystals are concerned please remember that crystal in its rough state, (that is without being too polished) works far better than a commercially produced beautifully carved and shaped article

For some people, who are very nature orientated a piece of wood in its natural state would work very well, or even a pebble.  In actual fact you can use absolutely anything. I use a small clear quartz crystal, which is adorned with two pewter dolphins on a little bit of silver chain.  The clear quartz with the dolphins I found in a rummage box in a charity shop for 50p, and I immediately thought “that will make a lovely dowser” you will find ‘your’ dowser in a similar way usually.


In actual fact anything that is heavy enough, and that is on a chain or thread that you can suspend will do find as a pendulum.


To begin, you need first of all to draw a cross on a piece of paper, one line saying yes the other line saying no.  This decides for you which way you would like the pendulum to give you its answer.

Lay the paper on a table, and hold your pendulum by the thread so that it is suspended above the paper at the intersection of the two lines.

Gently go to your psychic level, by relaxing and bringing your energy levels down, and calming yourself.

Ask your question but make sure that the answer is either be ‘yes or no!’


For example it is no good saying for the pendulum “ when will I be promoted?”  Because the pendulum could not possibly answer you that question, a better question would be….  “ Will I be promoted?”  And of course from  this question you will get a ‘yes or no’ answer.


Generally speaking the pendulum will begin to move without your moving your hands perceptively, but when you first begin you may have to give it a little swing to start with, before you get the hang of it, and it gets the hang of you!.


Again this is something that you need to practice over and over again, but all the time that you're doing this it is actually developing your psychic abilities and putting you in the right frame of mind and atmosphere to become successful eventually.


Never make these practices too serious!  Treat that slightly light-heartedly and make sure that you make them fun.  While you are learning none of this should be taken really seriously, you are learning and practising and that is all.  Eventually, and if you stick at these practices, your answers will become more consistent and you will develop a close relationship with your pendulum.


Some people are highly telepathic and others are more what I would call intuitive. 

Whatever your level of gifts in this department, it is always possible to improve it.  There are many exercises that you can use to develop this facility, but I believe the best one is opening the mind to what's going on around you, it's almost like physically opening extra ears so that you can hear all that is happening around you. 

What you're actually doing is opening the ear chakra's which are at the side of the head, and if you can successfully do this you will take in a great deal of information from the people around you. 

Again the basis of good telepathy practice, is being able to focus and and enter a very light meditative state.

 Try this when you next go into a crowded room, at a party or a meeting.

Quietly stand in the middle of the crowd, and consciously open your ear Chakra's. Imagine they are slowly opening like great fans at the side of your head, and because of these you can take in far more information than you could before. 

Now allow your vibrations to lower, and your energy to become very calm and still, and allow all the information around you to be available to you.  If you can hold this for a few moments, you will suddenly become aware of far more about people nearest to you in the room than you were aware of before. 

This is one of the most useful skills you can develop, because you can learn so much about people by simply being still and quiet.

Blessed Be!