Little Spells to cast Yourself!  

People often write to me about their problems, and sPsychic white lilyometimes I feel that they do not really need me to cast spells for them, sometimes the situation can be resolved by a quick spell that they can cast themselves.


Often when I reply to e-mails, I will give the person inquiring a short spell that they can do very easily, with little more sometimes than perhaps a candle and a piece of paper and a pen, to manifest what they need to bring into their lives.

On this page I thought it would be nice to give you some examples of little spells that you can cast for your self, and of course if they do not work adequately for you, I am always here!

I have put the spells formats in categories so that you can find them easier.

Sometimes it is simply a matter of bringing someone's attention to you when there is someone that you would like a date with!  Below are a few spells that may help…

Love associated Spells.Love spells

Love Spell number 1.

If you know the person that you are drawn to fairly well and can get hold of their photograph this will help.  If you do not have a photograph, then write their name down on a new piece of paper there is a lot of power in written names!

For this spell you need…

A photograph of the object of your desire.  [Optional]

A new piece of paper, cut in the shape of a heart… preferably pink or red paper that has not been written on before.

A pen again preferably pink or red.

A nice piece of rose quartz or amethyst, [a little tumble stone will do if it really appeals to you]

A pink or green candle or nightlight.


Place the candle somewhere safe in a room where you won't be disturbed, best place for this is your bedroom.

When you have gathered all the ingredients, place the candle somewhere safe, next to the photograph.

Then write the persons name on the pink heart shaped paper and put it on the side of the candle opposite to the photograph if you have one.

Place the amethyst or rose quartz in front of the candle.

Now sit and close your eyes and bring the picture of the person you are interested in to your mind, and in your mind tell them how much you like them and what you wish… when you feel you have accomplished this, open your eyes and say “so be it and it harm no one!”

For the next seven days to keep the piece of rose quartz or amethyst in your pocket, and port the heart-shaped piece of paper under your pillow.

If it is possible gave a piece of rose quartz or amethyst to the person you wish to have a relationship with as a little gift!  If not possible simply keep it yourself.

Love spellsLove spell number 2.

A very simple love spell!

For this you need...

A pink candle or nightlight,

A fresh flower [any kind will do]

A little time on your own for the ritual.


Place the candle safely and light it… hold the fresh flower in your left hand.  Now close your eyes and think of ‘the beloved’ for a few moments, and as you are doing so feel that you are sending them all your love and much happiness!

Now stand and circle the flower in your hand around the candle [without burning your fingers!]  Three times… and say…

Come to me… come to me…. let love flow freely between us if it is meant to be…. and let this harm no one!

Blow out the candle and keep the flower till it fades and dies and by then your love should come to you!

Note:-dispose off the remainder of the candle and the flower by wrapping its in a white cloth and burying it.

Lover come back to me and stay.Love spells

For this you need....

 A green candle preferably a tall one,

And a candlestick to put it in so that it is safe

A white ribbon long enough to wind around the candle three times + two new pins.

Some jasmine incense


When you are ready and in a quiet place with a few moments to spare, put the candle in the candlestick, and light it and the incense so that the smoke from the incense mingles around the candle…

Then sit and close your eyes

bring the picture of your lover into your mind, and feel that you are drawing them closer and closer to you with love….. in your mind to see a beautiful white soft cotton rope, feel that you are loosely binding this around your lover and drawing them to you in a very loving way.  Do this for about five minutes and then stop.

Open your eyes and say out loud, “if this be our joint karma to be together make it so!  And it harm no one”

Blow out the candle for the moment, and wind the white to ribbon around it three times securing it with two pins stuck through the ends into the candle.

Repeat this every night for seven nights, and then dispose of the candle and ribbon, pins and any incense that is left over by burying them in the ground.

If it is your karma that you should be together then by this time it will begin to happen.

Protect me from harm spell Psychic protection spell

You need ...

A black candle or a dark red candle depending on what your preference is. 

And a white cloth.

A piece of snowflake obsidian and a piece of kyanite.

Light the candle and think about what it is you need to be protected from, be very specific in your mind and then feel the energy of the crystals that you have next to your candle extend around you and create a protective shield

Pick up the snowflake obsidian in your left hand and the kyanite in your right hand and say “protect me from……(say here what it is that you are concerned about) and it harm no one… so be it!

Blow out the candle, and when it's his cool wrap it up carefully in the cloth and put it away somewhere safe until you feel that you need to repeat the spell.

Keep the two crystals with you for as long as necessary.

You can repeat this spell whenever you need to!


More 'simple spells' coming soon!

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