Spell writing
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  Psychic white lilySpell writing

Although not strictly necessary for a successful outcome, writing a spell on paper is a good idea for many reasons.

 Firstly by actually writing down the spell, you are being very sure about what you wish the spell to be, it is like clearing the mind and being very certain of what you ask for.

Secondly, the spell is really more likely to work if you take trouble in preparing beforehand, and a quickly dashed off spell done in an offhand manner is at its best likely to work half-heartedly… at its worst is likely to rebound on you in an uncomfortable manner!

Traditionally spell work was mostly done by rhyme, and you needed to be no great poet to accomplish this as a simple rhyme will do as well as a complicated one.Spells


For example:-


Supposing you wanted to invoke healing for a much beloved pet!  The rhyme might go something like this;-......



For my precious little puppy   (you could substitute 'kitty')

heal his ills and make him happy!

free from pain, let him stay

so he can concentrate on play!


A very simple little doggerel (joke! Ooops sorry!) But very effective and with great meaning.

of course if you're not good at rhyme at all even simple ones, then just keep it short and succinct and to the point.


When writing a spell or invocation for whatever reason, take care that you write it on a new fresh piece of paper, but has not been written on before.  And it is well to mentally cleanse the paper and pen that you are using with white light before you write down your spell.


It is also nice to cut the paper into an appropriate shape (dog biscuit?) And use an appropriately colour paper for example, if it is for healing use green paper, if the spell is for love…. use a nice soft pink paper and cut the paper into a heart shape. 


 If it is for money, cut the paper into the shape of the appropriate note (if you need your money to come in £20 notes, then the cut the paper to £20 note size and shape and write £20 on it!) and be very clear about the quantity that you need!


At the end of the spell it is usual to set fire to your piece of paper to allow the spell to be carried upwards with the smoke. If you intend doing this you will need a fireproof bowl and something to stand it on, on your alter or table that is also fireproof.


The efficiency of your spell or invocation depends on the trouble that you take whilst preparing it.

nothing good will come out of something that is offhandedly or carelessly prepared.

If you put love and energy into your workings, then they will repay you many times over, and you will gaining confidence in all your invocations and spell work.


Blessed Be!